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December 27, 2021

Finding The Right Market For Software Solutions: The Tecxed Story

What Tecxed wants to show the world is the power of utilizing software to tie up all the loose ends of different business processes within a single business structure. Imagine having one software to consolidate all data that comes in and out of the different facets of your business. Wouldn’t that be better than you or someone else manually retrieving data from different sources and then interpreting them laboriously?

Tecxed was established with the core purpose of providing software and artificial intelligence as solutions to business problems. One of their best services offered is their SAP S4HANA implementation. SAP S4HANA is the highest order of databasing software that takes in data from different sources within a company’s digital infrastructure like their POS machines, Website activities, mobile activities from customers or their employees, and other interconnected company equipment through IoT. Data could be sales data, invoicing data, and the like. The built-in machine learning function in SAP S4HANA then sorts and processes those data so that the decision makers of the business can easily read them and make decisions based on them. It’s a fully customizable solution that does more than meets the eye.

Since not all businesses rely on the same information or follow the same structure, what Tecxed does best is to configure the software to fit a user’s or business’ needs. Then again, how will they find the businesses to partner with if they don’t know where to look? Texced came to The Verticals for help in lead generation for their business. They knew that the more leads they could get, the more chances they would have of getting a customer to use their services. However, they wanted a lead generation solution that will not cost them too much. They wanted a hassle-free approach where they wouldn’t have to put up their own marketing team in the office and pay for equipment to achieve results. Thankfully, The Verticals has a remote sales team solution that they can take advantage of. Here’s how we did it:

  • Setting up a remote sales team who can handle outbound and inbound marketing to spread the word about Tecxed;
  • Utilizing our database filled with over 200,000 decision makers from international companies who may need Tecxed’s solutions;
  • Arming our remote sales team with a reliable software solution that automates the search for leads across multiple platforms;
  • Sending automated yet personalized email marketing sequences that will ensure each prospect gets the message that Tecxed wants to send across; and
  • A robust analysis of marketing campaign performance for Tecxed to further enhance the strategies according to market’s response.

With the help of The Verticals and our lead generation strategies, in less than a year, Tecxed has gained 100% increase in sales qualified leads and has helped more businesses grow in the digital age with the help of their SAP S4HANA implementation services.

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