We Help To Globalize Your Business, And Accelerate Your International Growth.

Tap on our expertise to strengthen your international expansion capabilities and emerge stronger than your competitors.

Build A Global Presence. Engage The Right People. Explore New Business Opportunities.


Embark on capabilities to grow your business with your projects funded. Our consultants are equipped with skills to offer you our advice and expertise on your development needs and also tapping on grants to support your projects.

Grant Consultation

Marketing & Branding

Business Process Redesign

Enterprise Development Grant

Market Readiness Assistance

Productivity & Technology

We create innovation and seek to transform businesses with the development of productivity and technology. We understand the need to always push the boundaries of technology and innovations to keep up with business needs.

Web Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Business Expansion

A global expansion and presence enables you to expand into untapped markets that can create business opportunities. We believe that borders are not boundaries in developing international growth and will be able to scale up your business.

US Company Incorporation

Market Research & Databasing

Business Matching

Overseas Customer Acquisition

Remote Team Building

Why The Verticals?

We Value Your Business

We value honesty and integrity; above all, we care about your business just as much as you do.

Our Experience Matters

We have got decades of experience under our belt. There’s no trial and error when you work with us.

Your ROI Matters

We have the foresight to grow your business to result in positive returns, and we know how to make that happen.

We Build Relationships

We nurture long-term relationships built on trust and helping our clients achieve their business objectives.

Featured Case Studies

Featured Case Studies

Heads Up Health

gives health care providers the ability to monitor a patient’s progress and overall health status remotely. This way, regardless of the distance or time zone between patient and health expert, the best data-driven medical or health advice may be given…

Featured Case Studies


In 2016, the founders of a company now aptly called Wordemy came to The Verticals with an incredible idea that they wanted to turn into reality with us. The concept was born out of the frustration that these international founders had with the difficulty of translating foreign…

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