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The Verticals is a one-stop solution for all your web and mobile application development needs. We have been servicing clients from different industries such as cleaning, advertising and printing

In a time where technology has affected our lives so much that everyone lives online or on their phone, it has never been so important for businesses to create applications for their customers. The verticals can help you to achieve this goal by creating applications that fit your business model and provide your customers with the easiest and most efficient way to use your services.

Our leading team of experts guarantee that the apps that we create for you will improve lead generation and ROI.

Custom Applications for Businesses that isbeautiful, fast and results oriented.

We make custom web and mobile applications for start-ups, mid-size and large-scale companies in various industries. We seek to always push the boundaries of technology and innovation to create applications that will not only improve your business but expand it as well.

We strive to develop applications at lightning speed. We believe that the faster we develop your apps, the sooner your business can improve. We aim to always go beyond your needs to give you an app that is not only satisfactory but revolutionary.

The Verticals have been an amazing help to automate our business and boost our productivity with their innovative web applications and marketing solutions. Our business has grown extensively both online and offline, generating us more revenue with the same amount of manpower. Today, we could definitely see that even our retail products packaging had improved tremendously, appealing to more audiences in the market. We have also started to receive more online enquiries in relation to our "Bak Kwa" products due to having an increased Google position after engaging their Search Engine Optimization service. We greatly appreciate their professionalism and patience with our team.

Mr Tan, Managing Director

We Are Technology Experts That Always Delivers

Why Us?

The Verticals provide high-quality web application development services that focuses on Speed, Aesthetic, Practicability & User Experience. We go through a detailed consultation service to ensure that your application is exactly what you are looking for. We don't just follow what you think blindly but give you more than you thought.


Many web applications are built without practicability in mind. However to discern whether a website application is practical isn't all that easy. When you don't have sufficient application knowledge, your ideas may seem to be on the right track when it's not. With our immense experience, we consult and discuss with clients on the practicability of their ideas and help them to keep the idea on the right track, together.

Lightning Fast

We don't go through superficial discussion on your ideas. We want to fully understand your ideas, your plan and create the best possible path to completion within the shortest time. Our technology experts will work with you on developing a web application at lightning speed, compared to most companies out there. We have even completed an app within a month.


Nobody wants to build a very functional web application that is not aesthetically pleasing. Our technology experts will work closely with our designers and our clients to build web applications that are aesthetically pleasing and functional. Again, we don't do just what you say, but always strive to do more than what you thought.

User Experience

It's extremely important to build a web application that has an optimal user experience. Many web application development firms fail to look into building a platform that has functional user experience, resulting in dissatisfaction of users. Our technology experts will build an application that has gone through UX planning prior to the development stage.

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