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December 27, 2021

More Leads & More Revenue Without The Hassle: The Rhinovo Story

When it comes to equipment that simplifies and secures handling of materials such as stacks of cartons or crates, no one offers better value than Rhinovo. Armed with the technologies such as reliable pallet jacks, stackers, table trucks, scissor lift pallet jacks, aerial order pickers, and other primary fundamental industrial material handling equipment, Rhinovo was set to become an industry leader. However, just as with any other business, they knew their innovative products would be of no use if no one knew they existed in the market. They needed quality leads who can be converted to loyal customers.

They knew the answer lies in the type of marketing they will employ. At first, they thought about putting up their own marketing department with different marketing experts formulating strategies and doing outbound marketing work for them. However, looking at the costs of doing so prompted them to rethink their strategies.

Was there any way they could have these marketing tools and strategies implemented without having to spend on putting up their own marketing division? Of Course!

After finding out about The Verticals’ remote sales team that can connect with thousands of decision makers in industry specific businesses for less cost than putting up your own marketing team, Rhinovo reached out to us and presented us with their problem. The Verticals immediately knew this was the case of finding leads and business matching Rhinovo’s company with those who actually find value with their offerings. These are the tactics that made up our strategies for Rhinovo:

  • Setting up a remote sales team who can handle outbound and inbound marketing to spread the word about Rhinovo;
  • Utilizing our database filled with over 200,000 decision makers from international companies who may need Rhinovo’s solutions;
  • Arming our remote sales team with a reliable software solution that automates the search for leads across multiple platforms;
  • Sending automated yet personalized email marketing sequences that will ensure each prospect gets the message that Rhinovo wants to send across; and
  • A robust analysis of marketing campaign performance for Rhinovo to further enhance the strategies according to market’s response.

In less than 6 months of our marketing campaign for Rhinovo, the company has generated $300,000 through leads generated from the sales prospecting system that we’ve established for them. The best part is that all that success was possible with only 3 remote sales professionals, which meant more results for less cost.

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