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December 27, 2021

Exploring The Western Waters with Knowledge Touch

When Knowledge Touch Pte Ltd started in Singapore offering their software solutions for businesses to manage their human resources and optimize scheduling or operations automatically and more effectively, many companies in the locality and some neighbouring countries were intrigued and have worked with them for the obvious benefits they would gain for their business.

With features like optimized scheduling through AI-run mathematical computations, sales & labor forecasting, employee empowerment with self-scheduling, attendance time tracking, and on-demand recruitment platform among many others, they have been able to empower organizations to utilize the full value of optimizing their workforce. Furthermore, because of efficient people-handling brought about by their software solution, companies that worked with them achieved maximum profitability and a more enthusiastic thriving workforce.

With the success that was prominently in Asian territories, the people behind Knowledge Touch wanted to introduce their brand of service and reliability to businesses outside their comfort zone. It was time they had their headquarters in the United States of America. Knowing it’s a daunting task with all the legal matters they have to deal with to put up a company over there, they went to us at The Verticals to assist them in incorporating their company within the context of US laws.

To do this, our team of business experts did these for them to facilitate their entry into the US Market:

  • FORMATION OF US ENTITY – the basic formation of a business entity starts with registration works, securing a business name, notarizing documents, formulating a shareholders agreement, designing a company seal, obtaining registered agent for service of process, preparing and filing of memorandum and articles of association, filing other local business licenses depending on the state you’re in, and paying incorporation fees.
  • BANKING PROCESSES – to be able to handle transactions easily in the new country that this new company is in, we had to assist them in establishing a presence in US Banks. For this we obtained required documents necessary for them to open bank accounts and coordinated checks, online credentials, etc.
  • TAXATION MATTERS – different countries treat taxation rather differently. This is why on their behalf The Verticals did the legwork to obtain federal and state tax identification numbers, registration for tax identification numbers, and researching & implementing recommended tax structures.

With the help of The Verticals, we have managed to bring this Singapore-born company into the international limelight by helping them establish and register themselves into US territory as a legitimate corporation.

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