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December 27, 2021

When Leads Matter, You Have To Know Where To Look: The Gabkotech Story

Technology drives businesses nowadays. With the advent of remote work and multinational companies outsourcing talents from all over the world, the increasing number of HR practitioners who need to monitor different parts of the workforce from different parts of the globe, created a need for reliable employee and facility management solutions that are streamlined, user-friendly, and easily accessible.

Knowing that a big part of an organization’s success is the well-managed human resources and facilities, Gabkotech brought what they knew from their expertise in HR and Management to the digital forefront. They translated industry practices of employee management, performance appraisal, and facility management into easy to use software solutions.

What they had so much expertise for in HR and Management, they lacked in Marketing and Prospecting. Knowing their weakness in these areas, they went to The Verticals for assistance.

Our team at The Verticals knew how important it would be to perform some market research and database analysis for Gabkotech in order for us to get a better understanding on where to look for leads and how to speak their language when persuading them to lean on Gabkotech’s services. We knew that HR and Management specialists looking for the right solutions to assist them in their jobs could be lurking anywhere, not just LinkedIn, Facebook, or twitter. With that goal in mind, we conjured up a marketing and sales strategy that encompassed multiple channels and platforms:

  • Opening up a database filled with over 200,000 decision makers from international companies who may need Gabkotech’s solutions;
  • Activating a reliable software solution that automates the search for leads across multiple platforms;
  • Designing an automated yet personalized email marketing sequence that will ensure each prospect gets the message that Gabkotech wants to send across;
  • Setting up a remote sales team who can handle outbound and inbound marketing to spread the word about Gabkotech; and
  • A robust analysis of marketing campaign performance for Gabkotech to further enhance the strategies according to market’s response.

With that strategy in play, The Verticals multi-channel prospecting system was able to generate over 100 leads in just 90 short days, resulting in massive engagement between decision makers in charge of HR, Workforce & Security departments and Gabkotech.

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