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Posted by The Verticals |
December 23, 2021

Helping The Navigators Navigate: IWCL Logistics

To be successful in the Logistics Industry, you have to establish an interlinked network of different businesses in many countries to ensure a wide marketbase who will find your logistics services useful. However, with the industry heavily contested by other logistics companies, IWCL Logistics had to develop a strategy that would get their names out there fast. It wasn’t just a simple case of putting up online ads with their name and services on it. They had others to compete with in a short period of time, so they needed a more direct way to reach out to potential customers – THE DECISION MAKERS.

Thankfully, The Verticals had just the expertise on hand to help them get connected with decision makers across different countries without them having to lift a finger. To pull this off, The Verticals had to resort to our best overseas customer acquisition strategy:

  • Give IWCL Logistics access to our database of over 200,000 decision makers from around the world;
  • Ensure that IWCL Logistics get their hands on our proprietary technology that automates searching for and connecting with potential clients;
  • Provide IWCL Logistics with a competent remote sales team that can fluently communicate with the markets in China, Italy, USA, and Hong Kong; and
  • Establish a sales process for IWCL Logistics to further help convert those qualified leads into paying customers.

With this newly found capability from The Verticals, IWCL Logistics now caters to thousands of logistical needs from decision makers in major countries who need help with their importation and exportation processes. To add to that, having The Verticals do the prospecting for them has actually contributed to a lot of cost savings compared to establishing their own offices in different countries. The power of technology and ingenuity proved to be vital in IWCL logistics’ overseas customer acquisition strategy.

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