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December 27, 2021

Generating Leads to Generate Sales for ONEPIP

The world of FinTech sees a lot of new apps that facilitate and aim to streamline transactions worldwide. Seeing the opportunity to cater to transactions involving foreign exchanges, founders of the fintech company called Onepip, decided to put their services out into the market. With the growing number of international transactions around the world, they saw there is little being done to address the inconvenience of converting currencies when sending or remitting money when the foreign exchange rates fluctuate frequently.

In the desire to solve this problem, Onepip was created to give customers and businesses access to the best foreign exchange rates at the time of performing a transaction. Their partnership with banks and other financial institutions ensure their users that the best exchange rates are offered. With that capability, one businessman from Singapore can easily use his SGD account to pay for goods he is about to buy from Europe under good foreign exchange rates conditions. All this will be done electronically thanks to Onepip.

Despite all that, there was one piece of the puzzle they needed help with – how to get people to use their software?

This is when they sought the help of The Verticals. Right off the bat, we had the expertise to solve their problem.

  • A database filled with over 200,000 decision makers from international companies who may need Onepip’s services for their overseas dealings;
  • A dedicated remote sales team ready to receive and initiate calls with prospects;
  • A group of skilled digital marketers versed in email marketing, search engine optimization tactics, and online advertising to spread the word about Onepip to more consumers; and
  • A robust analysis of marketing campaign performance for Onepip to further enhance the strategies according to market’s response.

Hand in hand with The Verticals, Onepip managed to generate thousands of leads from precisely targeted market segments who were looking for currency exchanges and remittance services. These leads have resulted in millions of dollars worth of transactions with Onepip. This is a classic case of how The Verticals became the problem solver for a problem solver.

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