Thomson Medical

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December 1, 2021

The Situation

Thomson Medical had a wellness division, branded as Thomson Wellth Clinic. The unique concept of Thomson Wellth Clinic is that it is a medical and aesthetic clinic that focuses on the health and wellness of our patients

However, the client was facing trouble separating the branding of Thomson Wellth, against its main brand, Thomson Medical, where its primary business would be providing healthcare & hospitalization services.

The Solution was built to establish a unique brand identity where Health meets Wellness, forming up a website that showcases solely its medical & aesthetic services.

To increase the searchability of the brand in the major search engine such as Google, Search Engine Optimization & Google Advertising were deployed to rank up popular keywords such as wellness, health screening, medical checkups & more.

Finally, we helped Thomson Medical to promote its Health Screening services, as well as its Sports Medicine & Orthopedics services in offline publication circulation (pre-COVID-19), to boost its brand awareness.

The Outcome

Today, Thomson Medical was able to create a new brand identity for Thomson Wellth Clinic, and the patients were able to find their required services easily via an online search.

With the increased exposure in Google and offline publication, Thomson Wellth Clinic acquired a huge increment of organic & paid traffic, increasing its market share progressively.

Company’s Name: Thomson Medical Pte Ltd
Industry: Healthcare & Medical
Services: Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Advertising, Offline Marketing, Branding & Design

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