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December 1, 2021

The Situation

Zurich is a global insurance company, with a Singapore division focusing on Corporate Insurance. However, with the heavy competition in the market, as well as the imperative need to set itself apart from the life insurance provider, establishing its key services around Corporate Insurance.

Unfortunately, Zurich was globally recognized as a life insurance business, and there was a need to create a new brand identity for the Singapore business, so as to establish itself as a corporate insurance provider.

The Solution

Zurich.com.sg was built to establish a unique brand identity where it showcases its core services around corporate insurance services, but at the same time aligning its brand image with Zurich global corporate identity.

The website of Zurich.com.sg was built to present its corporate identity, business model, corporate solutions, creating differentiation in the business model, as compared to the global business.

The Outcome

Today, Zurich.com.sg was able to separate its brand identity for its Singapore business, from the global brand positioning.

Company’s Name: Zurich Insurance Company Limited
Industry: Insurance & Finance
Services: Website Design, Branding & Content
Website: www.zurich.com.sg

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