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January 26, 2022

Cleaning Up a Cleaning Company

As a company grows in size and the number of jobs or orders they cater to, there is bound to be some hiccups along the way. Take for example Cleano Services. They’re a respectable and sought-after cleaning company that looks very functional and professional on the outside, but they have gone through a lot of stressful situations on the inside, because their traditional approach to business couldn’t answer the increasing demand of their growing business. Thankfully, their business development executive, Justina Chew, approached us and said they are that type of company who is willing to embrace new technologies to help them deal with these concerns:

  1. Shift some of the bulk of their operations into a digital platform to offload manual work from their management team
  2. Making it easier for their personnel to post, update, and keep track of job schedules
  3. Have a structured database and systems that securely stores client data and can be accessed when needed anywhere

Out with the old, in with the new

We understood the heart of what they were envisioning for their company. The challenge here for us is to translate their traditional business practices into their digital counterparts. Our team of developers and designers went to work and developed functionalities that cover many of their manual workload including

  • Recording client accounts and the corresponding task assignments or requests;
  • Recording job and payment history with documentation;
  • Planning schedules and Assigning tasks to cleaners accurately without the risk of overloading or underloading other personnel;
  • Perform HR functions such as scheduling, replacing of personnel in case of leaves, and ensuring accurate payroll; and
  • Easily sort, categorize, and access data, documents, and other pertinent information needed for smooth operations.

Let the tech guys clean this up

With those problems in mind, our team at The Verticals drew up a plan to streamline all the things they needed and integrate the features that will answer their concerns. It was time to clean up the old dusty habits and introduce technology into their operations.

  • Web Application –  With the functionalities they needed to have digitized, our team at The Verticals understood that this project aims for efficiency and cost effectiveness as two of its many benefits for the company. This is why we all agreed to develop a web application that can cater to the entire vision. Having a web-based application with in-built cloud storage ensures that their data stays safe from disasters and their operations can be streamlined anywhere in the world with internet access.
  • All the tools in one shed – the whole project is built upon the difficulties to manage operations, human resource, and customer requests in the old and traditional way of running cleaning services, so the devs at The Verticals made sure that the following tasks were automated or at least made easier in the web interface:
    • Data Entry
    • Task Management
    • Payroll Management
    • Scheduling
    • Documentary Filings
    • Looking up information on upcoming, ongoing, and finished projects
  • Giving it a clean professional look – Our designers here at The Verticals know that the design of the entire web application plays an important role in achieving the streamlined processes and making the lives of users better. Our team went on to use simplistic designs that do not distract users from the task they are about to complete. The absence of visual clutter ensures all the essential details for the transactions and requests can easily be reviewed. Overall, we gave it a timeless, professional, and clean look.

At The Verticals, We speak results

Since Cleano Services replaced traditional practices with the web application we built for them, they’ve managed to:



“Our cleaning company always had productivity issues arising from administration workloads such as cleaner/client’s management, job scheduling, payroll, and mc/leaves. Due to our traditional business nature, most of the work is managed in an Excel environment where it’s prone to human error, in which we had no direct solutions to that apart from accepting the discrepancy arised. Upon engaging The Verticals, they had built up a web application for our business that automates most of the business functions of our cleaning company and we had reduced our man hours on administration greatly, leaving us more time to improve our sales and marketing. The consultants and developers of The Verticals took the time to understand our requirements and had supported our transition completely, professionally. An amazing team to work with.”

-Justina Chew, Business Development Executive

Technology can be a powerful tool that can turn concepts that solve humanity’s problems into real-world solutions. This is the core of what we do at The Verticals. 

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