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January 26, 2022

Breaking The Language Barrier With Wordemy

In 2016, the founders of a company now aptly called Wordemy came to The Verticals with an incredible idea that they wanted to turn into reality with us. The concept was born out of the frustration that these international founders had with the difficulty of translating foreign languages into something they could understand. AI-based translations are oftentimes inaccurate while human translators are hard to come by especially for difficult languages. It turns out that they weren’t the only ones having the problem! So, they set out to solve 3 things:

  1. Getting the most accurate translation of a language to another;
  2. Making it easier for people to find the right translator; and
  3. Consequently, help translators find means to practice their expertise

The Barrier Isn’t Just Language

Their idea was practical and had the capacity to contribute to the lives of many, but we soon realized that language isn’t going to be the only barrier this project has to overcome.

  • They have to provide a hub where translators can come together, await incoming tasks, and manage workload;
  • They have to come up with a platform that is easy to use for customers, so they avail of the translation services in just a few clicks;
  • Their services must include a way for customers and translators to interact with each other during the course of the job to ensure clarity about the project;
  • There has to be a payment system present that will allow customers to pay online and translators to receive their payments for a job; and
  • The platform should be accessible to all in almost any device anywhere in the world.

Tech is Our Love Language

With those problems in mind, our team at The Verticals drew up a plan to streamline all the things they needed and integrate the features that will answer their concerns.

  • Web App is The Way To Go – We all wanted a vast majority of the world to be able to access & interact with Wordemy and Wordemy translators to easily interact with the rest of the world & manage their tasks. This is why we all agreed to develop a web application that can cater to the entire vision.
  • Streamlining is Key – the whole project is built upon frustrations of how difficult and tricky it is to get accurate translations from professional language experts, so the devs at The Verticals made sure that the following tasks were easy to do in the web interface:
  • Signing up for an account;
  • Sending or receiving the material to be translated with multiple file formats accepted;
  • Publishing and accepting the job offer hassle-free;
  • Two-way communication features for project updates;
  • Closing finished contracts for a job well done; and
  • Sending or receiving payments.

To know more about the features www.wordemy.com, feel free to click HERE.

  • Functional Design – we take pride in our designers here at The Verticals and their contribution to the development and design process for Wordemy speaks of how versatile they can be. The design of the entire web application plays an important role in achieving the streamlined processes and making the lives of both customers and translators easier. Our team went on to use simplistic designs that do not distract users from the task they are about to complete. The absence of visual clutter ensures all the essential details for the transactions and requests can easily be reviewed. Overall, we gave it a timeless, professional, and clean look.

At The Verticals, We Speak Results

Since the launch of www.wordemy.com, they’ve managed to:

“We were never wrong with choosing Wordemy as our partners in launching this ambitious project. With over 1 million job translations accepted and accomplished by our 300,000+ translators from the world over, we have indeed reached our goal of making lives in the world a little easier. This web application has been nothing but revolutionary and we have The Verticals to thank.”

– CEO of Wordemy

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