Improving website storefront for increased customer satisfaction

With more businesses starting to move to have an online presence, businesses need to think about what they can do to increase customer satisfaction online. There are many things to consider when building a website which we have explored before. However, here we are only focusing on the website storefront and what we can do in order to improve customer experience and satisfaction.


With social media being so prevalent these days, everybody has seemed to become an authority in design. This is why your website needs to have a great design in order to attract your customers. Most web hosting platforms have themes for you to choose which include seamless scrolling and good colour combinations. Webmasters are able to edit the themes as necessary in order to suit the company’s image. Websites should also have social sharing and follow buttons so that users can explore their social media as well. Social signals should be a part of your SEO plan. Websites should also have good CTA forms in order to convert website visitors.

Content quality

The content of the website is created to increase value for the customer. If you are putting up content on a specific schedule, it is very important that you stick to the timeline. If you tell your audience that you upload content every Monday and there isn’t one every Monday, this will cause your customer to lose trust in the website and cause them to switch to another website. Content must also be relevant and related to what the consumer cares about. If you are selling boxing lessons, it is a good idea to create content around the boxing world such as the latest news and fight breakdowns. Providing potential customers with information that they are looking for but does not directly tell them to purchase your product or service is sometimes referred to as guilt marketing and can be very useful in compelling them to make a purchase.

Ease of use

Websites must be easy for users to use. Headers, footers and menu bars greatly affect the ease of use of the website. Users must be able to manoeuvre the website with ease and be able to get to important pages from any other page on the website. Important pages for the consumer include contact forms and key products and services. The sales funnel must also not be too long. Keep it short and concise and collect vital information from customers at an early stage. If your products require a lot of customisation, it may be wise to do it over email or over the phone. This may make your salespeople work a little bit harder but, people don’t like to be presented with a lot of customisation options. Consider the last time you customised your McDonalds meal when ordering online.


With more websites coming online and competition increasing, website speeds have become an important factor when your potential customers consider a website. Users who must wait more than 4 seconds for a website to load are 50% more likely to leave the website. The faster your website loads, the more conversions you are going to get. Read this article to get some tips on how to reduce load times.

Following these steps will ensure that you have a good website storefront that will not only attract and retain new customers, it will ensure that they convert into paying customers as well.

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