Why you should be using Web Applications

The sooner you understand that time is everything that your customer cares about, the faster you can make changes to your business model to become more successful. The only reason e-commerce is doing so well is because it saves time for users. When you take your product or service and put it online, where everyone can access at the comfort of their homes, you will start to see an increase in sales. Time is the one thing that you need to sell your customers.

The reason why Uber and Grab are slowly putting taxi companies out of business is that they do not sell transportation, they sell time. People take taxis because they want to save time. If you go the traditional way of taking a taxi, you would have to stand at the side of the street and flag a cab. If you are at a place with very little traffic, you are likely to wait even longer to get a cab. However, when you use Uber or Grab, you can save this additional time. Even if it means saving 4 or 5 seconds of your time, you would still choose to use Uber or Grab.


Web applications can be used for any industry. They can be used for internal or external use. Internal web applications are created for your employees. When your employees can do business processes faster than the traditional way, they are going to be more productive. This is the reason why there are CRM systems and SAAS systems. These systems make processes much faster and reduce the manpower needed to do any process. When done right, employers can shift manpower into other parts of the company that needs more help and make the company more productive. With a more efficient company, you will be able to handle more customers and ultimately more sales.

Recently, The Verticals completed the CIMS application. This app helps cleaning companies be more productive in their operations by using various modules. Cleaning companies can use the application to schedule cleaners, process payments and create a calendar. This helps save cleaning companies countless of hours per week on these processes and increase productivity in the company.


External applications are anything that your customer can use to make a purchase faster or to get information that they can usually only get at the shop. It starts by finding out what it is that your customers are asking prior to arriving at your shop. If you are running a chain of fitness centres, some of the questions that your customers would want to know are operating hours, current capacity, size of the outlet and what equipment do each outlet have.

The main point is understanding your customers on a deeper level. Nobody likes a crowded gym and would rather travel slightly longer to another outlet with lesser people. They want to know how big the other outlet is and what equipment is available and what isn’t, so they can plan out their workouts. If customers can make payments through the app as well, they are going to be more likely to continue visiting the gym.

Before you decide to create an application, you need to first understand your consumer and how you can provide value for them in the sense of time and information flow. If you would like to create a web application, you can contact us or check out some of the applications that have we created for various industries.

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