Why you should be using Social Media

Why you should be using Social Media

Singapore has a total population of 5.74 million, of which, 77% of them are active social media users. 70% of our population use social media on the go. This is half the global average which currently sits at 34%.
Most businesses understand the need for SEO. The higher the rank on the search engine, the higher the visibility which adversely leads to an increase in sales. However, one thing that some businesses do not understand is that Social media is also a great factor in SEO rankings and it should be part of your SEO plan.


People are 70% more likely to make a purchase from a brand when they see positive reviews of them. For this reason, companies focus a lot on review websites and Google reviews. However, one thing that they do not focus on is social media reviews. Remember that 70% of our population uses social media on the move. This gives you a great platform to let your audience have a conversation with each other.

Social Listening

Social listening is the process of crawling social media to see what people are saying about a brand. This is important because, this gives you great customer insights. You can gather data about your customer and make better business decisions. If you recently introduced a new product, it may be a good idea to crawl through social media to see what your customers really think about your product.


Advertising on traditional media forms are known to be very expensive. Taking up a billboard in the heart of town can cost businesses around $30 000 for 2 weeks. This is because, in the past, this was the most effective form of advertising. These places generally had a lot of traffic however, they may not always convert the ideal amount. However, with social media now, you can do targeted advertising at a much cheaper price. This ensures that you are reaching the people you are supposed to be reaching and usually boasts a much higher conversion rate. Advertising prices are also more controlled. You choose how much you want to spend and for how long you want your ads to run. The ability to have a higher budget control has attracted many businesses to use social media advertising.

Social Signals

Not much is known about Google’s ranking factors however, having higher social signals have proven to increase search rankings. Social signals are basically all the interactions you have on social media. A like and share on Facebook, a retweet on Twitter or a pin on Pintrest . These are activities on social media that Google considers when ranking websites. You want to try to give Google as many of these social signals as possible. Understand your customer’s needs and their interests and create compelling content that they will interact with.

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