Our Customers Love Us

The Verticals have been an amazing help to automate our business and boost our productivity with their innovative web applications and marketing solutions. Our business has grown extensively both online and offline, generating us more revenue with the same amount of manpower. Today, we could definitely see that even our retail products packaging had improved tremendously, appealing to more audiences in the market. We have also started to receive more online enquiries in relation to our "Bak Kwa" products due to having an increased Google position after engaging their Search Engine Optimization service. We greatly appreciate their professionalism and patience with our team.

Mr. Tan, Managing Director

In late 2015, The Verticals had started to help us on building up our Search Engine Optimization presence and created a powerful web application for us to manage our orders from pre-sales to after-sales to delivery. Ever since we started working with The Verticals, we had noticed that our online enquiries grown from mere 3-5 per day to 40-50 per day. Ever since then, we stopped all other marketing activities and relied solely on traffic driven through Search Engine Optimization. I would highly recommend The Verticals to businesses who are looking to improve their productivity and marketing. They do create a customized solution for you.

May Chew, Business Development Manager

Our cleaning company always had productivity issues arising from administration workloads such as cleaner/client's management, job scheduling, payroll, and mc/leaves. Due to our traditional business nature, most of the work is managed in an Excel environment where it's prone to human error, in which we had no direct solutions to that apart from accepting the discrepancy arised. Upon engaging The Verticals, they had built up a web application for our business that automates most of the business functions of our cleaning company and we had reduced our manhours on administration greatly, leaving us more time to improve our sales and marketing. The consultants and developers of The Verticals took the time to understand our requirements and had supported our transition completely, professionally. An amazing team to work with.

Justina Chew, Business Development Executive

We had been running our car advertising business traditionally and it had never come across our mind to create an online platform that connects drivers and advertisers altogether. In the past, sales and coordinations were done manually and took up lots of man-hours to manage. The Verticals came by to introduce us the idea of connecting drivers and advertisers all together, developing the entire portal within 3 hours. They took extra care of nitty-gritty details and built up an almost flawless platform. They also incorporated Search Engine Optimization to our website and we started to gain good rankings in Google. We are extremely satisfied with their professional team of consultants and developers, as they had driven our business to a whole new level. Will definitely recommend them to my other business associates.

Mia Goh, Brand Manager