Why should Singaporean companies embrace SEO

Edging past your competition isn’t always easy. It’s the methodology and work process that defines your success in the longer run.

While nearly 60% of consumers in Singapore buy products online, most do not invest in the right online marketing methods. Most businesses still think twice before using SEO, and get it wrong.

From poor content to failing to be relevant, the reasons for businesses failing at SEO can be many.

So, how important is SEO for your business?

Traditional modes of advertising can be costly. A local television ad can set you back by around $3000 for a 30-second ad spot.

You could spend as much as $10,000 if you are putting up a billboard around the Singapore city

If you have a limited budget, you surely cannot go the traditional way. They are great to increase brand visibility, but when it comes to ROI, you need something better. Statistics state that around 400,000 new businesses start every year, as many as 470,000 businesses fail each year – you do not want to be one of them.

SEO is what you should be looking at.


Why Should You Go the SEO Singapore Way?

It’s what will help you rank your sites better on search engines like Google. Smart SEO strategies can help you reach out to the right audience, and improve your sales and profitability with better conversion rates.

It helps you get a greater reach, and at an affordable cost. The people you target are those who matter, and none else. With targeted traffic, and long term profitability, you get better lead generation possibility. In fact, the cost to conversion ratio is far better with SEO than traditional modes of advertising – especially if you have a product that appeals to the younger crowd.

It’s a proven business strategy, and could help you drive in much better ROI.

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