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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process where we optimize your website’s architecture, technical specification, content, social signals and back-links and put in place solutions to improve the organic ranking in search engines like Google.

By ranking well in the Search Engine via SEO, you get better visibility and gain more impressions from targeted audiences.  In today’s faltering economy, it’s even more important for businesses to ensure that SEO is in place so that their websites can be easily found on Google.

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Advantages ofSEO

Having a beautiful website with no traffic means nothing. By engaging our SEO Service, you can ensure that limitless inbound traffic will be coming to your website, organically.

  • SEO gains you more targeted traffic from Search Engines like Google.
  • SEO has more than hundreds of factors and every business has to deploy tailor-made strategies.
  • SEO strategies are ever-changing due to frequent algorithm change in Google
  • SEO is not a one-time setup service. It needs to be an on-going improvement.
  • SEO is can be done by anyone. But only a handful do it the right way.
  • SEO is a complex and tedious process. What you learned online is just tip of the iceberg.

Many SEO Companies Failed You?
It’s Because Old School SEO Strategies Don’t Work Anymore.

Our SEO Methods Are Proven To WorkNo Gimmicks, No Black-hat, 100% Ethical.

At The Verticals, we work closely with our digital marketing partners and our SEO consultants to ensure that only the most effective SEO strategies are used for your website.  While using advanced SEO methodologies to rank your website, we also want to ensure that our service remains competitive in today’s market.

  • Competitive SEO Rates
  • 24/7 SEO Reporting System
  • Monthly Link Report
  • Page 1 in 6 Month Guarantee Policy
  • Tailor-made SEO Strategies for every business.

In late 2015, The Verticals had started to help us on building up our Search Engine Optimization presence and created a powerful web application for us to manage our orders from pre-sales to after-sales to delivery. Ever since we started working with The Verticals, we had noticed that our online enquiries grown from mere 3-5 per day to 40-50 per day. Ever since then, we stopped all other marketing activities and relied solely on traffic driven through Search Engine Optimization. I would highly recommend The Verticals to businesses who are looking to improve their productivity and marketing. They do create a customized solution for you.

May Chew, Business Development Manager

We had been running our car advertising business traditionally and it had never come across our mind to create an online platform that connects drivers and advertisers altogether. In the past, sales and coordinations were done manually and took up lots of man-hours to manage. The Verticals came by to introduce us the idea of connecting drivers and advertisers all together, developing the entire portal within 3 hours. They took extra care of nitty-gritty details and built up an almost flawless platform. They also incorporated Search Engine Optimization to our website and we started to gain good rankings in Google. We are extremely satisfied with their professional team of consultants and developers, as they had driven our business to a whole new level. Will definitely recommend them to my other business associates.

Mia Goh, Brand Manager

Case Study: We did SEO for and they had more than 200+ keywords ranked on Google Page 1, Top 3!, Printing IndustryProven SEO Case Study is a printing company in Singapore that had engaged our SEO service in late 2015 and within 6 months after we commenced on our SEO service, the website was ranked Page 1 in Google for dozens of Printing related keywords. As we continued to build on the SEO health of the website, it even started to rank well for keywords that weren’t part of the plan.

Top Ranking for Very Competitive Keywords  
With several SEO strategies in place, the website ranking continues to maintain at Top #3 spots in Google for the most competitive keywords for the Printing Industry. has since spent absolutely nothing on other means of marketing, enjoying daily traffic of more than 300 unique visitors.

Achievements & Strategies Used
Competitive Keywords Ranked In Page 1, Top 3:
Printing Company, Printing Singapore, Printing Services (More than 200 keywords ranked)
Daily Traffic: 250 – 300 unique visitors per day
SEO Strategies: Site Architecture Improvement, Content Optimization, Blog Optimization, Social Signals, Local Listing, PBNs, Link Building, SSL

Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Verticals offer any Google Page 1 Guarantee for it's SEO Packages?

All our SEO Packages will come with a 180 days guarantee. Unlike most SEO companies, our guarantee will be indicated on our SEO agreement. You have our full assurance.

Many SEO companies had failed me. How can I assure The Verticals does not?

At The Verticals, we strictly do not use any old school SEO strategies that are not effective, or even risky for your website organic ranking. Our strategies are 100% transparent to our clients and mostly content driven strategies – one of the safest and most effective way of doing SEO.

What type of SEO strategies does The Verticals used?

Of course, all SEO companies will tell you that they are using “White Hat” SEO methods. It’s simple – there’s no way for you to find out. At The Verticals, our SEO strategies are focused on technical implementations, Authoritative Backlinks, driving content & more. Set an appointment with us to find out more about our strategies.

I have changed many SEO companies over the years but none of them had delivered.

If you have engaged a few SEO companies over the last few years and none of them had delivered, there’s a pretty good chance that your domain may be penalized by Google due to unethical SEO strategies. Consult us for an audit and we will help you to remove bad backlinks/negative SEOs.

What types of SEO reports does The Verticals provides?

We provide 24/7 report, backlink reports, traffic report, progression report for all SEO campaigns. Our clients are fully aware of our strategies at any point of time and can track the movement of the campaign well.

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