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January 25, 2022

When You Gotta Yoga, Anytime & Anywhere

Yoga has grown to become a popular exercise for people seeking their own physical, mental, and spiritual improvement. It relaxes the mind and trains your body to become more flexible at the same time. However, a common problem about living a healthy and more sound lifestyle like this is being consistent about doing it. What causes the inconsistencies that bring people away from their lifestyle goals?

  • BUSY SCHEDULES – sometimes, work or life just gets in the way of achieving your personal lifestyle goals and then you lose track of time and not have enough to attend yoga classes.
  • LACK OF EXTERNAL MOTIVATION – there are some people who need external encouragement or motivation that can inspire them, aside from their personal health goals, to stay on track and achieve the necessary milestones.
  • ACCESSIBILITY ISSUES – while some are fortunate enough to live or work near a fitness gym or a yoga class studio, there are many who are living in an inconvenient distance from one, which makes it even more difficult to put yoga into practice.
  • COST OF SESSIONS – budget still has to be a consideration here since you’ll be committing yourself to a lifestyle that requires frequent and consistent sessions you may have to pay for just to stay on track with your goals, maintain the relationships with your trainers and peers, and eventually turn it into a habit.
  • THE INDIVIDUAL – believe it or not, even if you had a great schedule, motivation, budget, and accessibility to a yoga class near you, you may still find it difficult to be consistent especially when the class was designed for a general audience without considerations made for your personal conditions like past injuries or your knowledge of yoga that may affect your performance and speed of learning.

These things that prevent many people from achieving the lifestyle they want through yoga have been around for the longest time, but no one really bothered offering a solution to address them until ETERNAL KARMA INC and its dedicated fitness professionals decided to develop an app called TRACK YOGA.

With the help of app developers, Track Yoga was developed with the premise of eliminating the simple but prevalent roadblocks that hinder those who want to fulfill their yoga goals. One app to solve all 5 factors that affect consistency of practice seems a little too simple, but it’s true. So how does the TRACK YOGA APP do this?



  • ACCESS YOGA SESSIONS ANYTIME – No matter how busy your schedule is, you won’t have to worry about not making it to the yoga studio on time because you have one in your phone open for sessions 24/7 for your convenience.
  • REWARDS TO KEEP YOU MOTIVATED – small rewards are like a pat on the back whenever you achieve something you’ve set for yourself, and these in-app rewards can keep you motivated to move on to the next milestone.
  • DO YOGA ANYWHERE – You have a yoga studio on your phone, so whenever you feel like doing it in a space at the office, a hotel room when you’re out of town, or even at the park, all you have to do is open the Track Yoga App.
  • LEARN AT YOUR OWN PACE – The Track Yoga App was developed with the individual user in mind, so the developers made sure that a wide database of Yoga lessons from all levels are accessible especially to premium users at their convenience
  • YOU CAN START FREE – The Track Yoga App is free on iOS and Android platforms and is a great starting point for those looking to improve their mind and body with yoga without the hefty price tag of a subscription to an actual class which you might not be able to attend in busy schedules.

Track Yoga App

By consulting and working with app developers, the founders of Track Yoga App have managed to create an app that was designed to solve simple yet pressing hindrances to being consistent with a person’s goal to achieve a sound mind and body through yoga.

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