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December 2, 2021

Data Health Care Revolution

You’re a health care provider – a doctor, a dietitian, a physical therapist, a nurse, or a health instructor – always on the lookout to help your patients or your clients achieve optimum health. Years ago, it would be impossible to achieve such goals without ever physically seeing your patient make progress or lifestyle changes. You always had to be in touch with them and constantly meet them to make sure their improvements are recorded properly. Even so, not all of health science practitioners are good at perfectly keeping tabs on patient data, leading to a disorganized collection of health information’s. This limitation doesn’t only prevent giving you an accurate overview of your client’s overall condition. It also prevents you from designing the right health advice for your patient. This constant need, in conventional practice, to meet your patient also hinders the health care provider to scale their practice and render service to more people within the day. Furthermore, the constant hassle of having to go to your office or clinic can also be an inconvenience to your clients – something that can alter the engagement levels of the client with your treatment plan leading to less desirable outcomes. Thankfully, with the power of technology, a single tool can be developed to help address this gap in providing quality health plans by practitioners to their clients and allow health care providers to extend their service beyond their current limited capacities. Heads Up is an app that was developed with the power of data in guiding health decisions in mind at a wider scale.

From a patient’s Perspective

Taking cues from the founders Heads Up, the application development team came up with a framework which considered two important stakeholders in the process. The first of which are the patients or the clients who want the health care practitioners to guide them effectively to better health or recovery. Here are few of the features that the app developers for Heads Up included in the app to achieve that goal for the patients:

  • One dashboard for all health metrics – the development team for the app integrated the best health devices and apps on the market such as Oura, Apple Health, Keto-mojo, Fitbit, and other premium devices and apps to allow users to track specialized metrics.
  • Centralized & organized health records – Heads Up app was developed to automatically organize patient data and medical records from thousands of health apps while allowing the user to also integrate different health systems used by their doctors, hospitals, and laboratories.
  • Easily shareable records – This feature enables and empowers the user to decide what they want to do with the findings regarding their activity or overall health. By committing to actions for a better self in the next few days, patient information has been made easily shareable to health experts of the patient’s choice, anytime. Information shared may be used to personalize the necessary health plan.

From the health experts’ perspective

Heads Up gives health care providers the ability to monitor a patient’s progress and overall health status remotely. This way, regardless of the distance or time zone between patient and health expert, the best data-driven medical or health advice may be given. Here are a few of the  benefits that health experts have enjoyed with Heads Up so far:

  • Improved client engagement – Heads Up’s tools has made clients more aware of their current health status with features that allow personalized data collection depending on what they want to track or what condition they have. This has made them take ownership of their own health, thereby resulting in the better implementation of the health plan that their health care provider has made for them.
  • Improve case management – the app development team behind Heads Up also included features which made it easier for health experts and patients to exchange documents and notes with regards to their lab results, consultation notes, and long-term or short-term health improvement plans. Gone are the days when phone calls and emails had to be done, thanks to this integrated communications feature.
  • Practice health care professional at scale – Because of the automation that the Heads Up app provides for both health experts and clients, it has made monitoring multiple patients easier and more manageable compared to the traditional way of doing things. Now, health care professionals can confidently handle multiple patients requiring different health needs because of a more organized and more accurate Heads Up app.

APP Heads Up Health App

“Heads Up is the Future of Functional Wellness. I love the simplicity and elegance of the platform. We are proud investors, but also proud users of Heads Up Health. It allows us to track our clinical outcomes with our patients and validate not only to us what is working- but also for the client- that they are moving in the right direction.”

– Robert Johnson, Medical Expert


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