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January 25, 2022

Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions

How many  times have you or someone else experienced walking into a bar, having a good time with friends, leaving and forgetting you had a bill to settle because you were either having too much fun or you were too drunk?

It’s a question you normally wouldn’t ask yourself nor a situation that most people look at as a problem, but come to think of it, that’s one troublesome situation at its core. It’s true that something as simple as forgetting to pay your bill at a bar could get you into trouble – bar fights, authorities interrogating you, or someone shaming you on social media for what you’ve unintentionally done.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a fool proof way to avoid all that trouble? This was DrinkEasy LLC’s purpose of becoming. They put up a tech startup that is out to solve the main problem – being too drunk or enjoying too much that you forget to pay. You get rid of that, you get rid of all the troubles that follow it. Armed with an idea to solve a problem that no one really ever considered a problem until it happened and went out of hand, they sought out the help of app developers to bring the solution to life.

This is when EasyTab App was born. Simply put, it’s a mobile app that allows users to enjoy their time at the bar and leave without having to ever worry about not being able to pay. It pays the bar you’re at instantly when you’re ready to go. Just like many great startup apps, they managed to solve more problems than they intended to and here are some of them.


  • NO MORE INCIDENTS OF LOST WALLETS OR CARDS – Because the app automates the payment when the user leaves the bar’s premises, the customer never has to take out his or her cash or card to pay at the bar. Goodbye payment confusion!
  • YOUR ORDERS ARE IN ORDER – after a great night out with friends, bar goers tend to forget what happened or what they paid for the night prior. The EasyTab App keeps a tab on all your orders in a partner bar so you don’t have to wonder what happened the other night!
  • EASIER TO TIP THAT BARTENDER – It’s customary to tip the bartender that has served you or your group well during an enjoyable night and the EasyTab App has made it even easier for you to let the bartender feel the appreciation through a tip which you can give with just a few taps with the app.


  • EVERY DRINK ORDERED IS PAID FOR – the automated payment feature ensures the bar that even if they don’t see the customer leaving, they still get paid for the drinks that the customer consumed.
  • YOU GET EXPOSURE TO EVERY BAR HOPPER- The EasyTab App was developed also to become an address book for bars complete with descriptions, customer reviews, and menus that would-be customers who are nearby may view with the app.
  • GOODBYE MISSED ORDERS – Since the customer can use the app to order drinks or food from the bar, accuracy of order taking and processing is on point even in the loudest music or crowd where the waiters can’t clearly hear what the customer wants to say!

EasyTab App

By consulting and working with app developers, the founders of EasTab App and DrinkEasy LLC have managed to create an app that was designed to solve one problem in having too good of a time in bars, but ending up answering more problems for both customers and businesses.

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