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December 1, 2021

The Situation

Bonbijou is a popular brand in Asia, distributing baby products such as strollers, baby cots, car seats, playpens & more.

Being in a competitive market wasn’t easy, as Bonbijou struggled to differentiate its products against its competitors, despite having its products focusing on 3 core values: Quality, Affordability, and Style.

There was much to do to create product differentiation, to attract customers to choose their products over competitors.

The Solution

We identified that there were 2 main niches for Bonbijou’s baby product market – Safety & Affordable Pricing. Many of the competitors with the same level of Safety, often cost more than Bonbijou.

We needed to create video content that showcases the safety features of Bonbijou products, in a unique & expressive way, tailored to the soon-to-be mum’s market.

Video Creation & Social Media Marketing was the key to capture this market. 3 selected products were involved in this campaign.

  1. Luxos+ Stroller
  2. Revolution 360+
  3. Atlas Baby Cot

The Outcome

We were able to create short product videos that were showing features, safety & quality of the products in an expressive & easy-to-watch format.

The videos were well received by mums, as many had commented that the videos were easy-to-watch, expressive & helped in the decision-making process.

The videos were marketed on Social Media and had helped to reach out to many soon-to-be mums, increasing the sales, both online & offline.

Brand’s Name: Bonbijou
Industry: Retail & E-Commerce
Services: Video Production, Video Marketing & Content Creation

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