The native advertising guide for your business

“Marketers ruin everything” is a phrase commonly used because marketers look at anything as a new opportunity to advertise their product/service.

New social media platform? ADS!

New website? ADS!

New magazine? ADS!

The reason for this is because marketing is a game of attention. Find out where the attention of audience lies and then put your brand name there.

This is exactly how marketers functioned for a long while and it worked. Every time you flipped your favourite magazine, you would at least glance upon that “Toyota” ad. The next time you were looking to buy a car, hopefully, you would think about Toyota

Digital marketing would work the same way as well. YouTube garners 1.3 billion viewers daily. So, what do we do?

Place an ad before the video plays of course!

This is the same process for Facebook videos as well. Hell, it’s everywhere our audience are. Banner ads on popular blogs, online games and even news websites were a common thing. People had no choice but to view these ads.

Until the birth of the Adblocker that is!

People no longer just sit by and watch ads anymore. They are fighting back with the ad blocker. 615 million devices are using some form of AdBlock to defend against the ads.

People are no longer watching ads anymore and marketers are starting to feel it. Conversion rates and click-through rates have fallen significantly.

As per usual, marketers need to innovate with the times. The logic of attention remains the same. Marketers just need to find out where the attention is and use that to introduce their brands. This is where native advertising comes in.

Native advertising aims to push sponsored content organically to the audience. We see this in Google with AdWords and Facebook and LinkedIn boosted posts.

The red highlighted portion are results from Google AdWords. Advertisers pay to appear at the top the search results. However, unlike magazine advertisements where the person who pays the most gets the prime spot, Google actually has a formula for how you rank on top. Generally, this is the way it is calculated

Ad Rank = Quality score X Bid

The quality score is based on how relevant your website is compared to keywords you are targeting.

A Facebook or LinkedIn ad can appear either in the newsfeed or on the side as banner ads. They work by choosing your target audience and choosing a budget. We did a test on Facebook vs LinkedIn ads. Check out our results here.


Influencers are basically word of mouth except on steroids. The idea is to use the right influencer for your brand.

Every business has an identified target audience. Find out which influencer is creating content catered to your target audience and use them to create content for your brand.

In this case, numbers account for very little. Do not choose an influencer simply because that person has the highest number of influencers. Connor McGregor has 22.6 million followers. This does not mean that the majority of his audience are your audience. Hiring him to do a post for you would set you back about 5 figures.

Somewhere in your area, there is going to be an influencer with 50k followers who are exactly the audience that you are looking for. Hiring them is going to be about 100x cheaper and more useful for your brand.

This works the same way for YouTube creators as well. Find the right audience

Content strategy

You can also create content for your audience. This content can go up on your social media platforms and website. The idea is to try to find what it is that your audience cares about and providing them with that information.

Read this article on how to create quality content that your audience will care about. Do not be afraid to create content that may seem completely unrelated to your business. There is a law firm that is creating golfing content because they know that their audience are passionate golf players, and this is their way into their audience.

Attention is everything. However, how you capture that attention is what will set you apart from the competition. A great content strategy will be able to outperform companies that spend thousands of dollars creating a banner ad.

Find where your audience’s attention is. Do anything you can to capture it. Win.

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