Incorporating AR in your marketing

AR or augmented reality enables marketers to blur the line between traditional and digital marketing. Although not a lot of AR marketing can be seen in Singapore, it is an up and coming means of marketing in the next few years. AR spending is expected to hit about $150 billion by 2020.

Now the question that is in your mind. What about VR?

Although VR is a more immersive platform that is able to transport users into a digital universe, it is extremely difficult and arguably impossible to expect your entire audience to have a VR headset.

A headset poses another problem. This would mean that in order to consume VR content, users would have to first put on the VR headset. How many of you want to purchase a VR headset, download the required material, plug your phone into the headset and then put on the headset to consume the content?

VR has a huge marketing potential. However, it is not something that is easily implemented nor easily consumed.

AR, on the other hand, is here now and should be exploited by everyone. With almost 70% of people expecting retailers to introduce an AR app in the next 6 months, you will want to be the first few to jump on this.

The question begs then, how? How can we use AR for our company?

Thankfully, there have been some pretty big brands that have used AR in their marketing efforts. Let’s take a look at some of the more interesting AR campaigns.


Lacoste first introduced an app in 2014 for their new brand LCST. LCST was meant to be a streetwear brand that was aimed at the younger more edgy audience. Therefore, Lacoste introduced an AR app that would enable users to visualise what shoes would look like on their feet. They also get access to exclusive content and then share them on social media. In a world where social status is everything, the ability to penetrate your brand on your users’ social media was everything.


Lacoste managed to get over 30 000 people to download and use the app and had an increase in overall sales too.

Charlotte Tilbury

Getting your audience to download an app might seem a bit of a tall order considering they don’t have a good enough benefit for doing so. Therefore, some brands like Charlotte Tilbury have incorporated AR in their store.

All customers have to do is to sit in front of a mirror and scan their faces into the mirror. The mirror would then show them their face with 10 of the brand’s iconic looks. The main idea was to take a problem and provide a solution. Many times, people who purchase makeup do not know what it looks like on their face unless they try it. However, edgy colours get purchased lesser because they become harder to visualise.

Rather than provide testers, this method enables the audience to visualise what the makeup would look like on their face.

This process is much faster and the audience doesn’t even have to try on the make-up.


Timberland used a mirror to show users what their clothes would look like on them. The problem was that people were unable to imagine how to combine their clothes and they were unable to visualise different colours on their bodies.

They also placed it in their main window display. This also helped to draw people into the store. People could “try on” various clothing without having to search for their size and go through the entire fitting room experience.


Swedish DIY furniture brand IKEA introduced an app in 2017 called IKEA place. The problem was that customers were unable to visualise what their furniture would look like at home. The solution was to create an app that would enable customers to visualise what the furniture would look like in their homes with exact measurements. Customers were more likely to make a purchase if they knew what the furniture looks like in their homes.

These examples show us the possibilities of AR in marketing. At the moment, the industries that are benefiting are beauty, furniture, interior design and others. Based on the examples provided, the idea should be to identify a problem and provide a solution using AR. Companies that are able to do that will experience the most benefits.

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