How to improve website navigation

Website navigation is one of the most important things to consider when building your website. Imagine how difficult it is to find items you want at a grocery store without an aisle label. The bigger the store, the harder it is to find the things that you want. This is a similar problem on your website. If visitors to your website are unable to find the exact product or service that they are looking for, they are not likely to convert to paying customers. There are a few things that you can do to help users navigate around your website.

Search bars

If your website has multiple products or services, it is a good idea to have a search bar on your website. Autosuggest is also a great function to integrate with your search bar if you have products that have similar names. This is especially useful for e-commerce stores. The Print City online store is a good example of this. It shows users products that match with the words that they are typing. This is also a great way to introduce users to other products that they may be interested in.

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It is also a good idea to have product suggestions on your landing page. If you are selling laptops, it would be useful for your user if they are able to see similar products right next to it. Unless users have already done their research on what exact product they want to buy, they are open to compare products. Giving your users the ability to view similar products enables them to make a comparison of their own. Recommended products should always open in new tabs so that your users can toggle back and forth between tabs to make comparisons. This also improves SEO as internal linking is a factor that Google considers when ranking websites. The Amazon webpage has other items that users can purchase together with the product they are browsing.

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Dropdown menus

Drop down menus are great for services with many subcategories. This helps to make your navigation bar smaller and neater. The longer the navigation bar, the more daunting it becomes for users to find their products. By grouping products and services together, it gives the user a much easier experience when searching for products or services. Going back to the Print City webpage, they use a drop-down menu to group products together so it doesn’t clutter the navigation bar too much.

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Sticky Navigation bars

With the rise on mobile browsing, long scrolling has become more popular. However, this means that if users do not find what they are looking for on the page, they have to scroll all the way to the top to access the navigation bar. With sticky navigation bars that stay at the top of the page as users are scrolling down, it becomes easier to go to another webpage. Some websites make their sticky navigation bars too big. The more real estate your navigation bar takes on the page, the lesser information you can present to the users. Users are 60% more likely to abandon a page with a large navigation bar. Large navigation bars get annoying and it’s something that cannot be removed. The Movo webpage has a sticky navigation bar that is neither too small to be hard to see nor is it too big that it gets annoying for the user. Users can move through various web pages through the navigation bar.

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Website navigation should always have user experience in mind. The easier it is for users to move around the website, the more likely they are to convert to paying customers. Always remember to build your website for users and not the search engine. Consult us now to build a winning website that will improve conversions!

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