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Social media marketing has become one of the most important marketing methods in recent years and with good reason. B2B marketers are also getting on board with social media marketing. The biggest debate between B2B marketers has been LinkedIn vs Facebook. Both boast great stats for the B2B marketer. So how do you find out which is better? In order to find out, we did our own test.

The Setup

We chose to use an SEO audit page as our test subject and gave both platforms a $100 budget to run for 3 days. Since this tool is meant to let you audit your webpage and decide if you would want to take up our SEO services, we decided to target key decision makers and marketing staff. Facebook and LinkedIn have very similar audience selection tools. However, LinkedIn has the added ability to select audiences based on company size. This is what our audience selection looked like for both Facebook and LinkedIn.

Facebook ads targeting

LinkedIn ads audience

Interestingly, Facebook gave us an estimated reach of fewer than 1000 people and LinkedIn gave us an estimated reach of 37 000+. This could possibly be because Facebook users weren’t updating their careers. Since LinkedIn is supposed to be a business social media, everyone has an updated job title.

The Results

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At the end of 3 days, Facebook used up $71.26 and LinkedIn used up $41.42 of the overall budget of $100. LinkedIn’s ad reports are way more detailed then what Facebook gave us. Facebook only tells you reach, cost per result, overall expenditure and number of unique clicks. LinkedIn, on the other hand, tells us the breakdown of who is viewing our ad and how many of them clicked on the ad. We could break it down by industry, job function, job seniority, company size, location, country and company. This is useful information for tweaking content and audience selection the next time around we run ads.

The data shows that we got much more impressions then LinkedIn. However, we got slightly over twice more clicks with LinkedIn then we got on Facebook which led to Facebook having an $11.88 CPC as compared to $2.96 with LinkedIn.

How to test better

This test was more of a test of time. I wonder what would have been the difference if we had simply set a lifetime budget of $100 and then see what that buys us on both platforms. However, based on the trends, LinkedIn was able to manipulate the budget more effectively to achieve more clicks. This could also have been because of Facebook’s very strict ad image. Although we got a low rating on the text to image ratio, it was not perfect according to Facebook.

Analytics was also a bit of a problem for both platforms. Although we created UTM tags for each platform, Google Analytics was not able to pick up the data for some reason. If we were spending say $1000 per platform, we would have created a dedicated thank you page, set that up as a goal on GA and observe better results.

In the end, we found better success on LinkedIn. Does this mean that you should give up Facebook advertising altogether?

Absolutely not.

The way content is consumed is very different for both platforms. Videos, do much better on Facebook than LinkedIn. LinkedIn users are more likely to consume written content. Businesses should create platform-based content and then boost them to expect better results.

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