Ecommerce in 2018

E-commerce is expected to grow much bigger in 2018 especially in Singapore. 2017 saw the increase in the ability to purchase goods through e-commerce platforms. E-commerce businesses help Singaporeans to save the most important thing in life, time. Would you rather go to a supermarket or use an e-commerce business such as Redmart or Honestbee? Would you rather go out to get food or use a food delivery business such as Ubereats, Foodpanda or Deliveroo? Anything that can help people save time will be well received. Even parking coupons have become digital with the use of

Moving into 2018, here are some things that e-commerce businesses are focusing on.

Social media

Social media is a great way to push e-commerce since the people who use social media often are more likely to be using e-commerce often as well. With social media platforms like Facebook, offering remarketing ads, brands are able to ensure that abandoned carts are fulfilled. Moreover, social media platforms have very extensive audience selection tools. This is because all the information that you would need lives in their social media. Name, age, interests and even workplace information can be found on some social media platforms. Websites should also be mobile optimized. More people visit social media platforms on their phones than on laptops or desktops. If they visit your website through your social media ads but if your website is not mobile optimized, they aren’t going to convert.


E-commerce businesses should always have an application that users can use. Applications make it easier for your audience to access your site. There are a few ways that this can be done. Businesses can create a dedicated application for users or use single page applications. Dedicated web applications are great because it is easier for users to view the shop anytime they want. However, this means that users are subjected to downloading an application in order to visit the store. However, single page applications eliminate this issue. Single page applications mean to have a website that looks and feels like an app. This way, your audience can use your website with the same ease of use as an app but they do not need to download anything in order to use the website. All e-commerce business should have an app of any kind.

Recommended products

Most e-commerce websites have recommended products based on what is popular overall. However, in 2018, e-commerce sites must be able to recommend products based on buyer behaviour rather then what is popular now. Have you ever been to an e-commerce site and seen a recommended product that you have absolutely no interest in? This is probably there because it is the newest product, highest discount or something that has higher sales over a certain period. Although this is a good strategy to have, it is much better to identify individual user movements throughout the site and recommending them products based on what they have searched. This can be done with the help of AI. AI penetration will be much higher in 2018 with chatbots as well. More marketers should be poised to embrace AI in their future marketing plans.

Ultimately, in 2018, E-commerce sites need to integrate more systems in order to understand the customer more and provide them solutions that enable them to save time. Time is the biggest commodity. In 2018, the company that helps you save the most time will win.

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