Earning valuable backlinks

Backlinks are an integral part of your overall SEO plan. A backlink is earned when a website mentions your website. This lets Google know that you know what you are talking about. The more backlinks you earn, the higher you rank on Google. However, you always want your backlinks to come from higher authority sites. There are many tools out there to determine domain authority. Domain authority basically means that these websites are well-recognised websites such as news websites or reputable blogs such as the Google blog.

Think about it in real life terms. When people talk about the work that someone is doing, you start to believe that said person knows what they are talking about. When you hear about the same person on the news or if your lecturer tells you about the work of the person, it gives more credibility to that person. This is the basic premise of link building and there are a few ways you are going to be able to earn quality backlinks

Write good content

This is the best and absolutely the hardest way to earn a backlink. However, this is what you should strive for because you want to create content that is useful for your audience, not Google. Remember, ranking well on Google does not give you sales if your audience cannot make sense of your website or your content.

Create content that is worthy of being shared by industry leaders and your audience. The best way to do this is to do research into things that matter to your audience and present it in a readable way. Sales people that interact with your audience the most will be able to give you valuable information such as frequently asked questions and which product or service is getting the most enquiries. Use this information to craft content that will be readily consumed by your audience. This will also help to ease the burden of answering these questions for your sales personnel.

Make your content easier to swallow by adding in humour and making it entertaining. Try not to use complex terms and vocabulary in your articles. The easier your article is to read, the more your audience will want to continue reading.

Press releases

Press releases are a terrific way to gain backlinks because they will cite your website in their article and when they post it up on a news website, you receive a backlink from a high domain source. This will increase your Google rankings and give your more credibility amongst your audience.

There are 2 ways you can try to get your press release. Use a software online or message reporters from various news agencies. Most news agencies have different sections for industries such as business or technology. Each of these sections usually has their own reporters and journalists. Contact these people to share with them your press release. Once you have amassed a list of reporters, make sure you stay in constant contact with them and build your network. If you are able to build a long-term relationship with these reporters, it will be easier for you to get backlinks in the future.


Infographics are great because everybody loves visual graphics. They are easy to swallow and if made right, visually appealing. However, infographics are not easy to make. They require a high level of creativity and must contain valuable information. If you lack the creative ability to make infographics, you can source for a freelancer on many websites such as Fiverr and provide them with research data and corporate colours. Once the infographic is done, you can place them in infographic directories such as infographic reviews or visual.ly. These directories usually enable you to embed a link to your website, so you can earn a backlink. Upload the infographic on your social media and gain valuable social signals when your audience shares it

Guest posting

Guest posting can be more valuable if you already have a good following on your website. Once you have achieved this, all you need to do is look out for websites that accept guest articles. Approach these websites and get a chance to write articles for them. You can find websites that allow guest posts by searching for it on Google. Simply search for your keyword + guest posts or bloggers wanted or any other variation to find a website that accepts guest posts. Try to ensure that the website that accepts guest posts have a higher domain authority than your website.


There are many blogging influencers that regularly review products or services. These influencers generally have a large following and some of their blogs have relatively high domain authority. Find these people and let them use your product or service so that they can blog about it. Ensure that you find influencers who will appreciate your product or service. One way is to read through all the articles to find out what they do and if your product or service is likely to add value to their life. This is important because their audience is likely leading a similar lifestyle to them. If they blog about a product or service that they wouldn’t normally use, it is safe to assume that their audience would probably never use it as well. Most influencers will accept a payment for the feature. However, if their audience is not likely to use the product or service then it does not much for your brand other than gain impressions. Impressions mean very little if they do not convert to buying customers.

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