Improving content marketing

Content marketing has been the biggest thing that has come out of 2017. Every business should be creating content that their customers care about and they have been. Content comes in 3 main forms. Written, audio and visual content. Written content is usually in article form that is uploaded to a blog and then pushed out on social media. Audio content is typically classified as podcasts. These podcasts can be pushed out in Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, YouTube and a variety of other platforms. Visual content comes in video form that is typically pushed on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

So much content is being pushed to your audience that you start to wonder whether they are viewing it or not. 50 years’ worth of videos is being uploaded onto YouTube alone every 24 hours. It is very easy for your content to be lost in this myriad of content. This does not mean that you should stop creating content. Instead, you can follow these tips to creating more effective content. We previously wrote about how to create the right content for your audience. This article focuses on how to create competitive content.

Do lesser but higher quality content

The way that most content creators create content is to look at the things that their audience are searching for through Google analytics or search console. They create content around the things that they find on these reports. Whilst this may not be a bad idea, this opens up your content too much competition. If everyone is creating content based on their audience’s search results, there is going to be 50 of the same articles being published every day.

Most businesses have a specific schedule to create content and this is good. We suggest that more time is taken to create hero content. Hero content is any content that a lot of resources have been put in to create. As you scour the internet for content that you care about, you have likely chanced upon an online guide or a book that has plenty of content and infographics. It is almost a research paper on the topic that you are looking for. We recommend that businesses take the time to create such content. Most small businesses shy away from this because it takes up too much time and effort. However, there is often good ROI on this content.

Create content based on problems

So much of the content online gives you a solution to a broad problem. For example, a cleaning company might post an article on how to remove household stains. Or a printing company might write an article about how to create posters. While these are great content on its own, it is much more valuable to identify a problem with an industry and then creating a solution based on it. Most of us don’t give a telemarketer the time of day because they call you and tell you about the product and service that they provide and how useful it is. However, if the telemarketer calls you helps you identify a problem that you might be facing in your life or business and then provides the solution to the problem by introducing their product or service, you are going to be much more receptive to it.

In the same way, content should be created by identifying a problem first and then providing a solution. Businesses need to identify a real problem in the industry and then introduce the solution. When it comes to content marketing, the solution may not directly relate to selling the product or service. But this is fine because the content has to be about providing value to the customer. This is sometimes called guilt marketing. Guilt marketing means giving a solution to a problem that may not come from your company directly but because you have given your audience a solution, they are more likely to look for your brand for what you are selling.

Content marketing is the best way for any business to reach their audience and impact them. Businesses need to learn how to tell their story in a way that creates a response from their audience.

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