Creating content your audience cares about

You have probably heard the phrase “content is king”. As cliché as this may sound, this phrase is true. Every business should be producing content for their audience to consume. Some B2B businesses argue that there is no content that they can produce that will be of interest to their audience. This is simply not true. We would go to the extent of saying these businesses are lazy. The first step is to figure out what it is that your audience cares about and then producing content around that. There is no industry that is so boring that no content can be created.

Types of content

A mistake that some businesses make is the type of content that they produce. Content can be made in 3 ways. Written content, Audio content and Video content. Written content includes articles such as this or self-help articles. Audio content is generally known as podcasts and video content is well, self-explanatory. There are so many different types of content that can be made. Some businesses only consider written content and forget about the other 2. The ideal strategy is to create all the different types of content for your audience.

Audio content is great because this is the least time consuming off the lot for your customers. If you are reading an article or watching a video, you must stop everything you are doing to absorb the information being shown. Listeners do not have to stop and drop everything you are doing to consume audio content. You can listen to it whilst doing the dishes, in the shower (this is why you have waterproof phones), or driving. You can be doing something else whilst listening to a podcast.

Content Ideas

The next step is to find out what kind of content your customers care about and then providing that content to them. Google Analytics has an audience insight tool that you can use to find out the interest groups of your audience. Choose a time period of about 3 months so you can get more conclusive data. Find out the interests of your audience and create content based on that. Don’t be afraid to create content that may seemingly have nothing to do with your business. Imagine if they see content that is interesting, and it says, “brought to you by (your company name)”. They are going to remember you. This is called guilt marketing. Give them what they are looking for and they are likely going to remember you.

For example, if you are a company selling boxing gloves, very obviously, your audience enjoys watching boxing. If you run a blog about the latest in the boxing world or you create an audio podcast breaking down the most recent popular boxing fight or you create a video about the fight, the people that are consuming this content will have a much higher chance of enrolling in a boxing class and buying your boxing gloves then if you were to write content talking about how durable your boxing gloves are or how it’s made.


In any industry, there is going to be a leading magazine or a blog or a podcast. Find out what this is and create content around it as well. The more people read information from your website, the better for your sales. As a business owner, you are already interested in what is going on in your industry. Let people know what you think about the changes in the industry, tell them where you think the industry is moving in the future. Not only does this make your company an expert in the industry, you are then able to push the industry in the direction that you want it to.

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