Breaking down Instagram analytics

Understanding your audience

About 80millions photos are shared daily on Instagram but how well received are they? Does your audience enjoy your content? Are they returning to your account? Having an in-depth knowledge of your audience will allow you to correctly tailor your content strategy to keep your viewers entertained and inclined to follow your content.


Instagram provides you with the age composition of viewers and followers. Different age groups have their own ‘language’ and preference for type of content. For example, memes are a favourite for individuals under 35. Additionally, if a majority of your audience are younger, you might want to post more frequently to match their use of smartphones as users under 25 years old spend about 35minutes a day on Instagram while those above 25 years old spend more than 24minutes a day.

Time and day active on Instagram

Instagram offers information on when your viewers are online and viewing your content. This allows you to identify the best time to post your content. This is important as posting at the right time would maximize the number of views received and more importantly, ensure that your message reaches your audience. More likely than not, engagement is significantly higher on weekends. Hence, you should save your important posts for the weekend when your audience have more on time on hand to absorb the information.



Impressions indicate the number of times your posts and stories have been viewed. This can be through their feed, clicking on your profile or simply a post that was sent to them by their friend. You can also make use of this to identify the right time to post your content and the number of views received relative to your follower count. Falling impressions could possibly be signaling a need to change your content strategy


This measures the number likes and comments your post receives from unique accounts.

Photos on Instagram receive over 4.2 million likes each day. It is one of the easiest ways to measure the performance of your posts. Comments are a higher level of engagement as your viewer took the effort to stop and comment. Comments often flow in days after a post has been up. By tracking the number of likes and comments, you should be able to narrow down content that your audience enjoys and connects with. However, do note that multiple comments on the same post by the same account is not taken into account. Hence, the number of comments could actually be higher than mentioned by Instagram analytics.

Taps forward/backward

Taps backward indicates the number of times viewers replayed your story. This could mean that your story was interesting or it could mean that too much content was squeezed into a shot. Taps forwards indicates the number of times viewers skipped your story. This could mean that content is not interesting enough to capture viewers’ attention or connect with. Both is an indication of the quality of your content and a way to measure how well your content is able to capture the audience’s attention.

Being able to correctly understand your insights will help you tailor your content strategy according to the demographic and preferences of your target audience. Doing so successfully will greatly benefit your business and Instagram, too, will identify your profile as one with quality content and high engagement level. This will increase your appearance on the explore page and expose your brands to other users that are not already following your account.

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