5 Reasons To Convert Your Business Website To Be Mobile Friendly

On Black Friday of 2016, $1.2 billion in sales was transacted while on Black Friday 2017, $2 billion in sales was completed. Guess what medium was used? Yes, you guessed it right – smartphones and tablets. 40% of all 2017 Black Friday sales were transacted via smartphones and tablets which marked an 11% increase from 2016 Black Friday.

As a business, it’s high time to capitalize on this and the only way to do so is by converting your business website to be mobile friendly. Building a website is important. However, a website needs to be mobile friendly as well. Here are reasons why your business website should be mobile friendly.

Attract and retain customers

Did you know that 57% of online users will not recommend a business with a bad mobile website? That is not all. 40% of online users have turned to use a competitor’s website due to poor mobile experience. As a business, more than 90% of your revenue is generated from sales. To continue attracting new customers as well as retaining them too, you need to offer a mobile-friendly website.

A mobile-friendly website means that your customers can shop for products and services while on the go. Furthermore, they can learn more about your products and services while on the go.

Improve page rank

In 2015, Google announced on its blog that it will start considering mobile friendliness as a ranking factor. The reason Google decided to focus on mobile friendliness is to serve online users with high-quality search results optimized for smartphones and tablets. If your business website is mobile friendly, it will be ranked higher on Google’s first page leading to higher conversion rates.

Build brand credibility

Having a mobile-friendly website helps to build brand credibility with your clients, customers and influencers. Mobile friendly websites can adapt to the resolution of any smart device be it a smartphone or tablet. Online users browsing your website will have a better experience which means they will trust your website as a credible resource for information.

Become modern and relevant

60% of online traffic originates from mobile users. As a business, having a mobile-friendly website places you at the forefront of your competitors especially those who are still relying on static HTML websites. Converting your HTML website into a mobile-friendly website means adopting modern concepts. Mobile friendly websites are compatible with HTTP 2.0 which adds new capabilities such as encryption and header compression among others.

Cost-effective and flexible than apps

Creating mobile business apps is advantageous in that businesses get to reach their global audience and offer a mobile-centric experience. The main problem with apps is that they are not cross-platform but mobile-friendly websites are. This is why they are cost-effective and flexible.

How to convert your website to be mobile friendly

There are two ways of accomplishing this. The first method is where you install a responsive theme for your CMS platform be it Joomla, WordPress or Drupal among others. Free and paid responsive themes for the above CMS platforms are available.

The second method calls for the hire of a professional web development company. As a result, they will use Bootstrap to completely redesign your HTML website. I highly recommend the second method.

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