4 tips to kick-start your SEO

In this digital age, more people are searching for products and services online. This is why all businesses are putting in the effort to create a website. If you are relying on Google search to generate traffic to your website and gain leads, you should be focusing on SEO. Google services slightly over 35 billion searches on any given day. 75% of people do not even click the second page of the search results. Think about it from Google’s perspective. If you have to go to the second page of the search results to find exactly what you need, that means that the search engine is not doing a good enough job of showing you exactly what you want. The top result of the search page has a 33% chance of being clicked.

If you are trying to rank at the top of the search results page for Google, you should start incorporating some SEO techniques. It’s never too late to start now. Here are 4 tips to get started on your SEO journey.

Loading speeds

We have talked about page loading speeds and why it’s so important to maintain a good page loading speed. Google takes into account page loading speeds. If your page loading speed is slow, Google will penalize you for that. More importantly, page loading speed and abandonment rates work hand in hand. If your page takes longer than 4 seconds to load, abandonment rates go up by 50%. Google has a free tool that you can use to check your page load times. https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/


Google ranks your website based on keywords. These keywords are essentially search terms that people would use to search for the product/service that you provide. The mistake that most companies is to target specific keywords. If you are a company that provides printing services, rather than targeting “printing”, it is more effective to target “poster printing service”. You should try to target for specific search terms rather than keywords. All content should revolve around these keywords. Unless you are only selling one specific product, it’s much better to target a few keywords. A printing company might choose to target “poster printing services”, “brochure printing services” or “calendar printing services”. It is also a good idea to add in the country as well.


Companies should be aiming to be the expert in their industry. Although most companies claim to be the best in the industry or the expert in their industry, most rarely show their customers this expertise. A good idea is to create content for your website. We are of the opinion that all websites should have a blog section telling people how they can use their product/service. Read this guide on how to improve your content marketing 

There is no industry so boring that you cannot create content for it. The idea is always to provide your readers content that is useful to them. If you are a furniture seller, you might create content that tells your readers how to design their homes and offices and provide design inspirations for readers. You should also aim to have keywords in your content as well. However, do not overload your content with your target keywords. Google will recognize this and penalize you instead of promoting your content.

Social signals

Once you’ve created your content, you should give an option to share in on social media. You should also create content that goes on specific social media platforms. Social signals are taken into account in SEO rankings. Even if they are not, you should be pushing content on social media. Think about it this way. How much time do you spend on Google and how much time do you spend browsing social media. Most people spend way more time on social media then they dare to admit.

Take this opportunity to push content to your audience. If they happen to see your content on their social media, they are more likely to click on it and then possibly convert to paying customers. Moreover, social media is a good way to gather reviews. Positive reviews are great. Negative reviews are great learning points. At the end of the day, you are trying to please your customers, not Google. Instagram has always been the most confusing platform. Read this guide on our Instagram strategy.

There is no clear formula for ranking high on Google. This should not even be a goal for SEO. Remember that pleasing Google is not the aim. Google is not a paying customer. Everything that you do should be to please your customers instead. You just need to find more creative ways to provide value to your customers. If you haven’t started doing SEO, you may be slightly behind your competition. However, it is never too late to start. Start now, and you can start seeing results in 6-12 months.

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