2018 Web Development Trends

With more businesses online than ever before in 2017, competition has become stiff. Websites have to be more interactive then ever before and there are many apps and codes being written that will enhance the user experience. Web development trends come and go faster then you could possibly imagine. It is no longer efficient to ask what the trends of today are. In order to get an edge over the competition, businesses must ask what the trends of tomorrow are and be the first movers.

Progressive web applications

Progressive web applications were first introduced in 2015 and have since started to gain popularity as the smartphone became more advanced and more popular. More companies started to develop apps for their customer. The mobile phone application rush exposed many problems with apps. Developers just did not understand the user’s needs and often times, users reverted back to the website after finding the app hard to use. However, to the annoyance of users, websites were not mobile ready yet. Realising this problem, developers made websites more mobile friendly. Although apps were cleaner and much easier to use, users preferred using the website.

Progressive web applications were introduced in an attempt to combine a website and an application. This essentially means that users can access the application on their browser and it will look like an application. This enabled the user to use the application like an application but without having to download an application. Progressive web applications aim to enhance the user experience. More websites need to create progressive web applications in order to stand out from the competition.

Single page applications

A single page application is essentially having all your website content on one long scrollable page. This allows users to move around your website with ease as they can find everything that they possibly need on one page. This also removes the challenges of manoeuvring around the website with hard to click buttons. Mobile phones will be the one to get the most benefit. This is because of the number of people that browse the internet on their phones. More than 60% of Google searches come from mobile. More optimisation needs to be done for mobile than desktop. Single page applications allow mobile phone users to scroll easily on their devices without having to click on small tactile buttons to get to other pages. More companies need to implement this into their website in order to achieve better conversions.

Live chatting

Live chats have become the most popular way for customers to get information from a business. Social media and online chat applications have brought about an unprecedented wave of online communications. It has become the most preferred way of communicating. When was the last time you were super excited to get a work-related phone call, even though you weren’t in trouble? Most people would rather get an instant message or an email. Call centres were traditionally how businesses connected with their customers. However, live chat portals have become more popular. Live chats can be archived and read anytime by the user. If they had forgotten anything, they can simply refer to the archived conversation.

Live chats also help to save money for businesses. Phone lines are expensive, and one staff could only handle one customer at any time. Live chats are cheaper to host and would take lesser manpower to handle the traffic. Since customers prefer to communicate with businesses through live chats, more businesses are expected to implement them within 2018.

These trends are the ones that are highly likely to come up in 2018. Businesses need to move fast to capture market share and gain increased conversions. Contact us now to find out how we can assist your web development needs in 2018

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